Not just a simple hosting account

Our hosting services come with superb technical support and exceptional extras.

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Free DDoS protection

Some of the web-hosting locations may future free basic DDoS protection. It'll be just enough to keep you safe from downtime.

State-of-Art Datacenters

All datacenters combine reduntant power feeds for servers, multihomed networks, newest switches and other network devices all to give you the best hosting experience you desire.

Experienced Support

We know our way around your stuff, so you won't be stuck waiting for days for your hosting company to reply. We pride ourselves on delivering good support in a timely manner and collaborating with you on resolving issues.

Industry-Leading Control Panels

Shared hosting services are controlled by the newest version of cPanel - which is one of the most famous control panels on the world. It allows for easy management for your services and you are able to get your tasks done swiftly with zero delays from our side.

Instant deployment

Usually all services you order are deployed instantly, so you can get to work on your project ASAP. Note: If we are out of stock, you don't pass fraud verification or there is another issue - we will contact you quickly with your choices.

Low amount of accounts on servers

We know that when we oversell, performance decreases a lot. We however value quality over quantity, so we do not overload any server at all. The aim of this is not to slow down performance, but keep a healthy server.