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Voice Extras

Our voice accounts come with some goodies. You can read about them here.

CallBack & Web-CallBack
CallBack & Web-CallBack are services to combat the costly prices your mobile operator can charge when you are dialing overseas/international numbers. It is far cheaper to have a call made directly to you. This is where the services comes into play. When you request a callback, our system will dial your phone number. Once you answer the phone call, the system will ask you to dial the person you need to call and then connect the two calls.

CallBack from a Mobile Phone
You can perform calls from a mobile phone, with no internet connection.
Step 1: In the voice management panel once logged in, choose "CLI" in the menu on the left. There, in the CLI field, you need to enter the number you will be calling from in E164 format(without + or 00), you can add additional numbers, change or delete existing ones.
Step 2: You dial our Callback number (+359XXXXXXX), no need to add additional digits or symbols. The system receives your Callback request and terminates the connection. You will hear a "busy" tone while a call does not happen and your mobile operator will not charge you. In a few seconds, you will receive an automatic incoming call from our system. Once you answer it, the system will ask you to dial the number, which you want to connect with, followed by "#". Then the system dials it, you hear the beeping sound and the call happens.
Web CallBack
Step 1: To use the Web-Callback service, you need to login to your user account, and choose "CallBack" from the menu on the left. In the "Source" and the "Destionation" field, enter the numbers which you wish to connect. Our system automatically dials the first number, it receives the incoming call and hears a message to wait the dialing of the second number, followed by a beeping tone and then the call is made.
You will only be charged our rate per minute for the 2 destionations(to your number and to the callee's number).
It is standard with 00 as prefix for any country.

Text SMS is a service, oriented towards business and private customers, focusing on your needs for sending short text messages to one or many end users. You can send messages to all of them quickly, easily and cheaply directly from your computer. Sending happens through a web-based interface, which saves the customer the need of a dedicated server or installation of additional software on the client's computers. The system allows easy and quickly sending of messages to any point in the world.

# Plans
Private Users
Business Users
# Sender ID
Short Number: Dynamic
Short Number: Dynamic
1 Telenor BG
0.108 BGN/each
0.108 BGN/each
2 Mobiltel BG
0.108 BGN/each
0.108 BGN/each
3 Vivacom BG
0.108 BGN/each
0.108 BGN/each
4 Any other telecom
0.21 BGN/each
0.21 BGN/each

Possibilites of Text SMS
  • Sending of short SMS messages up to 160 symbols in latin letters and 70 in cyrillic letters to all mobile networks
  • Sender - Numberic short dynamic number
  • Sending an SMS message to one number
  • Sending an SMS message to a group of numbers
  • Interactive phonebook, where you can enter a list of clients and contacts

SMS Marketing - Advertising
SMS Marketing is a service in the nature of advertising, which offers our customers a new audience, new horizonts for an elegant, to-be-remembered advertisement campaign on the base of SMS messages. Short, straight and on-point advertisements, which is basically "in the pocket" of your current and future customers, in the memory of their mobile phone, in the folders with messages, sent from acquaintances or friends. This isn't "unwanted junk message", but a short and standing-out one, coming from you to a wide audience.

SMS Notifications
This service is geared towards any organizations and companies; for notifying your employees; shops and retail chains wishing to promote products or services to all their customers and partners (group messages); courier companies, workshops, labs and anyone, wishing to inform individual customers of a completed task (single messages) and many others.
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