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Software Phone

Call using your existing smartphone or computer. No phone lines or extra hardware needed.

Software Phone is an internet telephony service, which you can receive all extras with:
  • You don't need an old phone or cabling. You can use the service through an app on your phone or your computer.
  • You talk at unbeatable rates with all fixed and mobile phones in the world.
  • You talk at low rates with premium quality.
  • No contract-based monthly or hidden fees.
  • You can opt for a fixed number, which you can dial from and be dialed to.
  • No credit expiration after your first recharge.
  • Free calls within the network.
  • Automated setup with a free registration.
  • Access to our portal with free realtime calling statistics to track your expenses.
  • Extra services: 2nd Call, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Conference, Call Toggle
If you already have a smart phone and use chat or calling apps, you will definitely like our service. You use it in almost the same way, and you can call anyone, even if they are not using us.

You don't need new hardware
You use the servce:
  • Through an app on your computer or laptop
  • Through an app on your Smartphone running iOS or Android
  • If you already own an IP Phone, you can use it as well
  • If you own a VOIP Phone adapter(device used to transform an ordinary phone into an IP Phone) you can use it
Full Cost Control
If you reload $20, you talk exactly for them. No connection fees, no hidden taxes. Just pure calling.

Payment Methods
Payment for VOIP services is only possible via PayPal. Credit/Debit Card Payment is NOT available.

We pride ourselves with no hidden fees or post-charges, so we list them here:
  • To activate the service you only need to pay a small fee of $5, which isn't refundable.
  • If you wish to add an extra SIP account, it is billed with an $3 single activation charge.
Activation & Deactivation
To activate the service, all you need to do is click on the signup link below, fill in your details and pay the installation invoice. Afterwards, you will get an email with all details within 24 hours.
To deactivate the service(close your account) you need to call us at internal number 1010. Please note that any balance left will NOT be refunded. Please note that balance, can NOT be transferred between accounts.

Multiring (parallel ringing) gives you a single number for all your calls and allows you to receive calls on multiple SIP devices. During an incoming call, all preconfigured devices ring in synchron, but the call can be accepted by the device, which is most convenient for the customer at the time: either a mobile phone, a tablet or an IP Phone at the office. Once one device answers the calls, the others stop ringing automatically.

Internal Calling
Each customer receives an unique internal number, which can be used to receive calls from other subscribers of our network or you can call other customers using their internal numbers. These calls are completely free of charge.

Partnership with Efon
The service is provided in a partnership with Efon Limited. All their terms apply to our voice service as well.

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